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Segway Sitges

Segway&Tours is amusement, entertainment and excitement

Classical Sitges Route

Discover the city of Sitges in the funniest way you can imagine and only in 2 hours!!!

Terramar Segway Route

In this route we glide through the Paseo Marítimo completely

Route Segway Mini

Enjoy the Segway experience gliding along the Paseo Marítimo of Sitges!

Segway Combo Route

Enjoy a tour across the Maritim promenade of Sitges!Try the Segway and a electric scooter in the same route.

Massis del Garraf Route

Enjoy with us the Garraf Natural Park in the most fun you’ve imagined!

Cavas & Segway Route

You will explore the amazing vineyards of Vilarnau Cavas while enjoying the best views of the Penedes

Magic Night Route

Be amazed with the magical and mysterious charm of the monuments of sitges at night.

An unforgettable experience

Imagine yourself on a Segway, making a tour in the beautiful town of Sitges, in the impressive Natural Park of Garraf or between the vineyards of the region of Penedes, Don´t you think is the best experience you can live? During your vacation, on a specified date, business activity, for a gift or just because you feel like it.

Easy and simple

The Segway is an intelligent vehicle with an amazing and unique dynamic stabilization technology that makes us able to travel a longer distance in less time, comfortably and easily. Yes, Yes you read that right ... SIMPLE. With two large wheels provided with auto balance, a Segway is so easy to handle, you will not want to stop riding it.

Get caught by Segway

In Segway & Tours we are fans of this original personal transport medium, and we love our land and outdoors, which is why we have decided to share with you our passions. Would you like to try a Segway in Sitges with us?

Segway & Tours Gift Card

Are you out of ideas and you do not know what gift can you do?
Segway & Tours introduces you the Segway Gift Card.
The Segway Gift Card is an original and funny way to make a unique and amazing gift.


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